Moderators: Victoria Delgado and Nikolaos Bonaros

  • Evidence on MIS: Show me the data by Meindert Palmen
  • MIS for challenging mitral valve anatomy by Gloria Färber 
  • Live-in-a-box: Direct vision transaxiliary access by Manuel Wilbring
  • When should I still perform a sternotomy for mitral surgery? by Jan Gummert
  • Round table discussion with Panel

Day 1 take-home messages

Moderators: Victoria Delgado and Gilles Dreyfus

  • Clinical dilemma: asymptomatic sever mitral regurgitation by Gilles Dreyfus
  • Long term results of mitral valve repair for primary mitral regurgitation by Patrick Perier
  • Secondary mitral regurgitation: what matter for lifetime management by Nikolaos Bonaros
  • Lifetime management for mitral valve disease: from current guidelines to new ones? by Martin Andreas
  • Round table discussion with Panel

Moderator: Patrick Perier

  • Is there a consensus on concomitant tricuspid annuloplasty? by Gilles Dreyfus
  • Is high risk tricuspid valve surgery meaningful? by Torsten Doenst
  • Case discussion on tricuspid atrial fibrillation by Can Gollmann-Tepeköylü
  • Multiple valve disease: concomitant surgery vs. staged transcatheter interventions by Gry Dahle

Day 2 take-home messages